Bespoke Service

Every Launer Bespoke creation is unique and has its own story. Even two identical models produced in different time are never the same – the slight difference in colour or texture of the leather always makes genuine hand-made leather goods stand out of mass-production plastic products of famous brands.

In order to make your product unique one-off item, Launer Bespoke carefully selects and offers only the best examples of leather – from calf and lamb to luxury iguana and crocodile – to its clients. The client takes major part in manufacturing process of each creation. The colours, materials, stitching and shape modification are discussed during the design process in Launer Bespoke showroom. Only you will be the main designer of your own bespoke leather creation.

It has never been possible to order an individually-created handbag, wallet or any other leather product, crafted by Launer. This unique privilege was only available for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and few members of Royal Family as well as some other leaders of states.

With the showroom and design bureau opened in Moscow in 2013 the privileged club of individually manufactured Launer leather goods owners unveiled its flavor to the public in Russia and few other countries. The showroom and design bureau were founded by Launer factory owner’s son Andrew Bodmer who carefully discusses bespoke design with every client. It is thorough attention to every order multiplied by the experience and craftsmanship that is so much valued by the aristocracy and the high society – main Launer audience.

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